What better way to teach babies the essential basics including ABC’s, numbers and colors than with dance worthy music! Babies and toddlers all over are dancing their way through learning with the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table. With catchy tunes and vibrant colors, babies between ages six months and three years Learn Groove Musical Tablehave hours of fun with this great table. Unaware that they are learning, this table brings joy to babies and older siblings who even enjoy playing along, according to reviewers. With fifteen activities and over forty songs, the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table is pleasing to parents as well. With a wide variety of catchy tunes, parents find themselves singing and dancing along with their children.

Operating in two modes, this musical table is perfect for toddlers to play on their own or with parents to further the educational value. In learning mode, the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table has 15 activities for children to choose from. Learning the basics like letters, numbers 1 to 10, colors, shapes and opposites is done around the seven activity stations on the table. These stations also help children work on motor skills. As children travel around the table, they roll, tap, slide and spin, which is an essential way to work on motor skills, learn cause and effect and also help keep the short attention span of babies and toddlers captured. As a bonus, all activities on this table are offered in English and Spanish, furthering the educational value of this musical table.

With a simple flip of the center book, the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table instantly becomes a source of dancing delight for little ones. This great table has over 40 super-catchy songs that help babies learn and make parents want to sing and dance with their little ones. Included in the music selection is all-time favorite nursery rhymes, real instrument sounds and upbeat, dance your heart out tunes. This mode is perfect for toddlers while they explore on their own. The music is catchy enough to keep their attention and the activities around the table will keep them entertained.

This sturdy toy has encouraged many babies to learn to stand and cruise around the table to explore the various activities. With so many activities to catch their attention, it’s a perfect way to promote standing and even possibly walking. As a versatile toy, the removable legs allow this toy to be played with on the floor until the baby is ready to stand. Once the baby is ready to stand, simply attach the legs and watch them delight in a new way to explore. The versatility of this toy makes it very easy to travel with as well as convenient to store.


Educational, fun and versatile, the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table is the perfect toy for children ages 6 months – 3years. With all of its educational value as well as incredibly entertaining features, this musical table is the perfect gift for babies and toddlers for any occasion, and is a toy that is sure to be passed down.



Some Toy Safety Tips for the Conscientious Parent

There is nothing more important to a parent than the safety and well being of his children. However, as important as the safety and the health of your child may be to you, it is also important for you to allow him to grow and explore the world around him. The ideal way to promote understanding and develop skills in your child is to give him the right kind of toys to play with day in day out. Unfortunately, sometimes toys end up hurting the child or the child ends up hurting himself with these toys unwittingly. This is where your role as the parent comes to the forefront. You can make sure that your child gets to experiment with his tools of development without hurting himself if you follow these easy to follow toy safety tips.

1. Buying the toys and related considerations:

The most crucial aspect of toy safety for your child is choosing the safest kind of toy. This means that toy safety has to start at the time of purchase. While most toy safety tips under this heading may be more akin to common sense, people tend to forget sometimes. Consider the following.

a. Choose the right grading as these are almost always based on safety instead of being a value judgment on your child’s intelligence.

b. Children below 3 years should not be given toys with small parts as they will put them in their mouths.

c. Batteries should always be inaccessible to your child.

d. Stuffed toys should have secure parts such as eyes and buttons along with rounded edges.

2. Training the child on how to use the toy:

While choosing the right kind of toys for your children is important, it is also significant for you to make sure that your child knows how to play with the toy in question. For this, your primary concern should be to use role-play with the toy to show your child how to play with it. Focus on every aspect of the game or toy to make sure that your child understands completely. Moreover, you should also pay special attention to the instructions provided with the toy on its safe usage. If you have more than one child then you need to ensure that the toys of the older child are kept out of reach of the younger one.

3. Creating awareness amongst family members:

All this preparation would be worth nothing if you are not proactive towards the safety of your child while he is playing with his toys and games. The best counter you can have against unfortunate incidents is to make every adult in the house aware about toy safety precautions and ensure that they keep a close eye on the child.

For more information about toy safety visit the Toy Industry Association, Inc.


We are not claiming to be experts on toys or toy safety. We are just trying to provide information so you as the consumer have a general understanding about Leap Frog toys, a brand that is recognized for awards throughout the years. Take the time also to understand some of the safety information we provided you, there is more to learn about safety in our link section.

There are many different opinions about educating children. One thing for sure is that a toy brings a smile, and if you buy a toy to jump start learning it is a double bonus for both the child and you. Why not start with an educational toy that promotes phonics, reading and writing along with math skills and music.